Modern heat pumps

Discover exceptional energy savings with Kenro Doku heat pumps. Discover an innovative solution for your home comfort and reduced operating costs.

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Innovative heat pumps

Our Kenro heat pumps are distinguished by numerous innovative solutions in the world of technology related to modern heating. See for yourself how thermal comfort and savings can revolutionize your home.


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On frosty days

Ensure the ideal temperature even on frosty days, while reducing your heating costs.

5-year warranty

Kenro heat pumps can come with up to a ten-year warranty, so you can rest assured.

Quiet operation

Kenro heat pumps operate reaching as low as 43 dB of sound pressure from a distance of 1 meter, providing peace and comfort for you and your loved ones.


Control your heat pump with Wi-Fi, which also allows access to weather functions.


When you choose Kenro equipment, you get modern technical solutions that provide comfort of use, environmental friendliness and solidity of workmanship. Enjoy the high reliability of our products, confirmed by up to 5-year warranty.